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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager Class Dreadwing

September 25, 2013

Dreadwing, one of Megatron’s loyal subjects, gets released in the RID toyline. Many have complained about his alt mode and that his robot body proportions are not accurate. Are they as bad as people have claimed?


Jet Mode

Dreadwing - Jet Mode

Dreadwing – Jet Mode

Dreadwing’s alt mode is a jet, and it is quite bulky for a jet. The wingspan is nice and long, and it is fairly detailed. The dark navy blue colours with hints of yellow and a little dull grey plastic are quite a good combination for the figure. This is when you look at the figure from the top.

If you look at the figure from any other view, then you’d start to understand why many have complained about the alt mode.

Dreadwing - Large Jet Undercarriage

Dreadwing – Large Jet Undercarriage

The radiators at the front of the jet are extremely large and stick out in a very unpleasant way. The same can be said about his visible robot hands in the rear of the jet. These are serious flaws in the alt mode and I think it could have somehow been avoided.

As much as I can remember, there is no weapon storage option for the jet mode. So that’s quite a bummer.

Overall, I say this jet mode is just okay. It is obvious it is a transformer thanks to some weird parts sticking out. But the colours help to make up for that major flaw in a way.



Transformation is quite easy, but you may not get the hang of it the first time. So hang on to that instruction sheet just in case.


Robot Mode

Dreadwing - Sword Pose

Dreadwing – Sword Pose

Dreadwing’s robot mode is where the figure shines. Where the alt mode had kibble, the robot mode has hardly any kibble at all. The thruster for the jet mode even ends up being on the back of the robot mode, which is very nicely done. The robot figure is in between bulky & lean, limb proportions are good, and even the jet wings folded at the back is screen-accurate and doesn’t make a big backpack at all. Props given to the design team on this!

As you have probably noticed, Dreadwing’s body proportions seem a little off, and you’re quite right. On the show, he was a very bulky and muscular robot. Here, he is leaner aside from the huge legs. But the difference in the body sizes is not drastic and still looks great on his own.

This figure is decently posable with all the necessary joints in place. The shoulder guards are on their own individual hinges so they may look weird for some arm poses (such as pointing upwards for instance). Otherwise, the figure has enough posability to be enjoyable.

The same navy blue, grey, and yellow colours of the jet are carried forward into the robot mode. Translucent yellow plastic now appears in the forearms and help to add nice touches to the figure’s asthetics. The same translucent yellow plastic has been used on Dreadwing’s gun weapon.

Dreadwing - Close Up

Dreadwing – Robot Mode Close Up

Speaking about weapons, he comes with two of them: a sword and a spring-loaded gimmicked gun. The sword is made of dull grey plastic, but it is hard and sturdy plastic instead of the soft rubbery type. Nice! You can also store the sword on his back if you wish.

The spring-loaded gun though, is not great when non-activated. It looks like a mess of parts squished together. Activating the gun will transform it into Dreadwing’s cannon that he used in the Transformers Prime TV show. One problem though, because these RID spring-loaded weapons are not lockable like the Dark of the Moon Voyager Class MechTech weapons, you will have to keep holding onto a small trigger on the gun to keep it activated, so that it stays in cannon form. Also due to the short handle of he gun, he will only be able to hold it like a regular gun, and not upside down like in the show.

Youtube reviewer EmGo made his review on this figure as well, and what he did was use another toy piece, super-glued that piece to the gun handle, and that way he extended the handle of the gun. Also, he removed the spring in the gun and super-glued the gun barrel in place so that it will forever be in cannon mode, and that Dreadwing could now hold the gun upside down like in the show. (What I did to my figure was only remove the spring and super-glue the gun barrel.)

Dreadwing - Gun Pose 2

Dreadwing – Gun Pose 2

The overall look of the gun is very childish, since it is a toy. The overuse of the yellow plastic doesn’t give the gun any “dangerous” feel to it. In the show, I believe the colour of the gun was very dark and near navy blue or black. Undoubtedly that darker motif would’ve suited the Dreadwing figure more. But for what it is, the yellow-plastic gun is an acceptable substitute.

One problem lots of people have about the head is that it is entirely made of the soft rubber plastic, and also it is extremely tightly secured on its ball joint. Some have twisted the head too much that it broke the ball joint itself! So take caution when you pose this head. But otherwise, the paintjob is fantastic and so is the head sculpt. No light piping though the same translucent yellow plastic had been used at the back of the head for intended light piping.

He is quite nicely sized for a Voyager Class figure. Compared next to some of the recent Voyager figures like DOTM Skyhammer and Transformers Prime RID Megatron, he is approximately the same height and his added bulk makes him appear larger.

Dreadwing - Fully Armed

Dreadwing – Fully Armed

Overall, this robot mode is a winner. The gun weapon seriously required a lockable mechanism to be more enjoyable, but it is easily fixed on your own. The addition of a hard plastic sword is very welcomed too. If you are a Transformers Prime & Dreadwing fan, then by all means go out and get this figure.

This same mold had been used for Skyquake, Dreadwing’s brother. It is a direct repaint and was only available in certain countries in the globe. Colour wise, a lot of people have preferred the original Dreadwing colours. If you liked Skyquake and are a completist, then I suppose getting Skyquake would be the way to go. Otherwise, if you just want one of the 2 molds, then Dreadwing is the better choice.



Average jet mode. Great robot mode. Gun weapon could have been improved. Recommended.



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Arms Micron Voyager Class AM-12 Breakdown with M-12 Zamu

September 25, 2013

Breakdown, a character from the Transformers Prime TV show, only made it to the Japanese Takara Tomy Arms Micron toyline. On top of that, he is pretty rare and was bought so quickly when he was released! Is he that worth that hype?


Armored Vehicle Mode

AM-12 Breakdown - Armoured Vehicle Mode

AM-12 Breakdown – Armoured Vehicle Mode

Breakdown’s alt mode is an armoured vehicle, with dark blue colours that help to bring out some of the toughness in the vehicle design. Applying the stickers greatly help to improve the figure’s ashtetics.

I believe this figure should’ve have been bigger, because putting him next to Bulkhead makes him look rather small, considering the fact that in real life this armoured vehicle probably is bigger than a 4×4 truck.


In any case, this alt mode is stunning and worth the chase!



Quite straightforward, but transforming him back to vehicle mode is more difficult.


Robot Mode

AM-12 Breakdown - Robot Mode Posed

AM-12 Breakdown – Robot Mode Posed

The robot mode is nice overall. Just enough amounts of dull grey plastic, overall navy blue, and well painted head help to make this figure asthetically pleasing. Be extremely careful when applying the stickers around the knee guards as you have to apply them very accurately. Otherwise, like mine, there will be sticker bending in some places!

Posability is quite good overall with all the common joints provided. What could pose issues is the large shoulderguards and the sunk in head, which slightly hamper the shoulder and head articulation.

The figure also has almost no kibble at all. Sure, the overall figure still has some car bits jutting out such as on the arms and legs, but those are really minor compared to other figures that have been released. The backpack is also screen-accurate and adds to the tough look of the figure, so it is not a negative point.

AM-12 Breakdown - SMASH!!

AM-12 Breakdown – SMASH!!

A problem will sort of lie in the design of the arms. The hands are not in line with the upper arms, and angle outwards, and have a slight trapezium shape to them. Another unpleasant sight is the Arms Micron port right above the hands. I think if other molded in wires or engine pieces were replaced with the port, it would have made the arm look nicer.

Reverse-transforming the hand a little allows the arm to extend and reveal another port, where you could attach his Arms Micron hammer weapon to. (I’ll talk about the weapon later) The arm looks strange when transformed like that and wished there was another way to have the hammer attached, but anyways it’s a decent way of doing it. Now he has a hammer-hand!

M-12 Zamu - Rhino Mode

M-12 Zamu – Rhino Mode

The hammer weapon, M-12 Zamu, is quite close to Breakdown’s hammer in the show. The purple stickers kind of ruin the look of the hammer, but to begin with the overall dull-grey plastic colours looked didn’t look fantastic either. So I guess if you want a more screen-accurate hammer, either don’t apply the stickers, or after not applying the stickers you could paint the hammer yourself.


The hammer transforms into a small cute blocky rhino, and both modes are quite well represented. A good Arms Micron, folks!

AM-12 Breakdown is great despite his flaws, but there is an issue to address: his size. RID & AM Voyager class figures are generally downsized Voyager class figures, and Breakdown looks really small, close to the smaller Deluxe Class figures in terms of height. Placing him next to F.E. Bulkhead also points out that issue. I believe Breakdown would still look quite small when posed next to RID Bulkhead.

FE Bulkhead & Breakdown - Showdown

FE Bulkhead & Breakdown – Showdown

All in all though, despite the flaws of the arms and size of the figure, I believe this figure is great. He has a generally clean transformation with enough play value to like. On top of that, he didn’t make it to the US toyline and was very sought after because of the popularity of the same character on the show. On its own, the mold is quite good. Adding the popular character to the mold, and you get a likable figure. Hence, this figure is recommended!



Great alt mode. Small but good robot mode. Recommended to Highly Recommended!



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager Class Megatron

September 25, 2013

The dangerous and ruthless Megatron from the Transformers Prime TV series makes a toy appearance in the newer Robots in Disguise toyline. But his colours and weapons aren’t what they looked like on the show. Is this bad? Let’s find out.


Cybertronian Jet Mode

TF Prime RID Megatron - Cybertronian Jet Mode

TF Prime RID Megatron – Cybertronian Jet Mode

Megatron’s alt mode is a Cybertronian jet, and somewhat hints that this alt mode was an idea maybe from the movie line. Anyhow, it looks okay. Some gaps in the sides and bottom of the jet mode look displeasing, and part of the head is very visible too and that’s not good at all. Anyhow the jet on its own is still fair and a good attempt at making another Megatron figure.

The problem starts when you attach his ridiculous looking gun on top of the jet mode. The colours of the gun are mainly brown and purple, which is an odd combination and certainly doesn’t go well with the rest of the figure’s generally white-grey like colours. But if you can ignore the colours, the oversized gun does make the alt mode a bit more dangerous looking. Practically though, the gun would be too heavy to enable the jet to fly and plus it would consume too much energy to begin with.

Overall though, the alt mode is decent, but drops to an “okay” when you attach the gun.



Easy and straight-forward, but be mindful of some clearance issues when moving some joints and pieces.


Robot Mode

TF Prime RID Megatron - Robot Mode

TF Prime RID Megatron – Robot Mode

Megatron in his robot mode looks close to his show counterpart. He doesn’t have the square darker toned bits on his legs, like the Deluxe version. He has a little backpack on the back that no matter how you try to shift it around, it doesn’t look that great from the front, but again this is a minor issue – at least the backpack is reasonably flat!

First of all, let’s talk about the positives. He looks quite show accurate as mentioned earlier, has quite good range of motion, decent enough head sculpt, and a straightforward transformation. The clear purple plastic bits on the arms and body add some nice touches to the overall robot design unlike some of the other RID figures (Optimus Prime to be exact).

Now we come to the negatives. The colours are downright off. White-grey like colours are not near the dark-grey/silver/gunmetal colours that Megatron had on the show. Of course, we expected that from Hasbro: when there are silver parts on a character, he/she usually gets those parts in dull grey colours in toy form. Well, we have something similar here only it’s not dull grey, and had they used dull grey it definitely would’ve looked worse I think.

Another negative: the gun. I have mixed feelings about this one. Having been spoiled by seeing Anime characters carry oversized weapons, I do not mind the size and shape of the gun at all. Heck, I think all Megatrons should wield oversized guns! The gun’s feature is when you push the large piece at the rear end of the gun, it will slide out the tiny blades at the bottom of the gun and merge into a larger blade. A tiny LED light will also light up, supposedly to light up the blade (which didn’t work well at all). No locking mechanism is available, though you could manually join the blades together (though not perfect).

TF Prime RID Megatron - Gun Aimed

TF Prime RID Megatron – Gun Aimed

However, the colours of brown and purple going together on the gun are just plain wrong (in my opinion). The addition of a claw weapon that comes with the gun is neat, and you can attach it in either hand. The colour of the claw is also brown, but it’s fine.

His joints in the hips are incredibly loose, and the crotch piece doesn’t securely peg into the ‘spine’ of the robot mode. The former problem results in Megatron not being able to hold his robot mode weight that well, making him hard to stand, and thus he ends up doing splits a lot of times. I had to use nail polish on the ball joints to thicken them to eliminate this problem. The latter problem, i.e. the crotch piece, is not entirely bad as one would think. Although the crotch piece doesn’t hold the small spine in place all that well, the hinge joint in the spine is strong enough to still support the robot mode without it collapsing on itself. But just make sure you peg that crotch piece back in.

In addition, the shoulder guards are on separate joints and sometimes make posability difficult. It also makes some of Megatron’s poses look weird when you have the arms raised very high, as the shoulder guards are not in line with the shoulders at all.

One last issue is his size. If you put him next to RID Optimus Prime, they are both in scale. But of course, putting him next to the larger F.E. Optimus Prime goes to show how much smaller the new RID Voyager Class figures are. So for people who only bought the F.E. Optimus Prime and didn’t buy the next RID one because the design of the latter Optimus was not that great, it may pose a problem to have a Megatron being smaller than Optimus Prime – that’s only if you are a size/scale fanatic.

All in all though, is this RID Megatron still worth picking up? This is a hard one folks and I’ll try not to be biased on this (because he’s my first Megatron figure. lol.). Expect a long essay:


If you want accurate colours ONLY – Not recommended.

AM-33 Final Battle Megatron Source:

Instead, get the Takara Tomy AM-33 Final Battle Megatron. This Megatron has the modified right hand that was used to wield his Dark Sabre near the end of the 1st season (right before Beast Hunters I mean). His Dark Sabre is provided, although not exactly in the actual on-screen colours. But easily forgivable because that sabre consists of 3 black Arms Microns! (More details in the last part of my recommendations)

Another option is to just stick to the Hasbro Deluxe Class First Edition Optimus Prime or the Takara Tomy AM-05 Deluxe Megatron, which have a nice silver paint job.


If you want accurate weapons ONLY – Not recommended.

AM-15 Darkness Megatron Source:

Instead, get the Takara Tomy AM-15 Darkness Megatron. This Megatron has the more show-accurate gun, and the gun also transforms into an Arms Micron! On top of that, you get a bonus Ratbat/Jetpack/Scythe Arms Micron. Both Arms Micron are made of clear purple plastic, and Megatron’s upper body is painted a nice chrome silver colour (I’m not sure if this is actual chrome or just paint though). (More details in the last part of my recommendations)

Another option is to just stick to the Hasbro Deluxe Class First Edition Optimus Prime or the Takara Tomy AM-05 Deluxe Megatron, which have a nice silver paint job.


If you want the best overall designs and colours – Not recommended.

The best interpretation of Transformers Prime Megatron is his Deluxe figure. As mentioned above, either the Hasbro or Takara Tomy ones will suffice.


If you like Transformers Prime and are on a budget – Recommended.

The Megatron figure on its own is fine and had some colour issues been fixed, even the gun would not look so bad. Like I said, I do not mind the different gun design (although part of me is bummed that it is not the same as the one on-screen). So if you do not mind the different looking gun at all, this Megatron will be recommended without a doubt. The Deluxe versions are also a good substitute if you are only looking at design alone. But if you want a bigger Megatron, then RID Megatron is recommended.

Also bear in mind, just like what I mentioned above, 2 other Voyager Class Megatrons have been released in the Takara Tomy Arms Micron lines, and have better paint apps and colours. If you can afford either one of these, it will be good to have your collection.


If you like the mold of the figure – Slightly recommended.

If you like the mold of RID Megatron, then you have to consider the nicer painted Takara Tomy versions. Thus I considered it “slightly recommended”. Recommended if you are on a budget and can only afford the Hasbro one.


If this could be your first Megatron figure – Recommended

TF Prime RID Megatron - Robot Close Up

TF Prime RID Megatron – Robot Close Up

As a first Megatron figure, this is a decent one to start off with. I was happy when I first opened him as it was also my first Megatron figure. I was bummed at the colour and gun design problems too, but I could overlook them easily. I also really want the AM-15 Darkness Megatron with the more show-accurate gun, but the silver chrome colours only on the top of the body are a little weird, and I fear they could crack any time soon. Hence why I am still holding onto my old RID Megatron.


You just need a Megatron as big as your RID or FE Optimus Prime figure – Slightly recommended

There is no other Megatron in the FE/RID or AM toylines that can rival the size of RID or FE Optimus Prime. But this RID Megatron is only slightly recommended as the Takara Tomy ones are better in my opinion. The final decision will be yours to make.


What would I say about the figure overall though? – Slightly recommended

RID Megatron & FE Optimus - Robot Mode Comparisons

RID Megatron & FE Optimus – Robot Mode Comparisons

Sure, this figure does NOT have the right colours, the right weapon(s), and some loose joints here and there. I really like the AM-15 & AM-33 Megatrons from the Takara Tomy toyline, but I have some issues with those Takara Megatrons.

AM-15 Darkness Megatron is great having the show-accurate gun and an extra Arms-Micron that turns into Ratbat/Scythe/Jetpack. But the fact that only the top part of Megatron is chromed and the lower half of the body isn’t, disturbs me. The colour scheme is not cohesive throughout the figure, although the silver is very nice. Some people may not like the fact that this Darkness Megatron does not have show accurate colours because of the increased use of black paint on the torso. Nevertheless, I would’ve liked to see that Takara used silver chrome all throughout the figure, or not put it at all. Heck even if they used the same while-grey plastic on the Hasbro version, this figure would be amazing because the weapons alone are great.

AM-33 Final Battle Megatron like I said has the nicest colours of them all. The nice dark-tone gunmetal grey colours and dark red used on the right arm really stand out and bring justice to the mold despite its flaws. The 3-part Arms-Micron sword is a nice bonus too, and having it painted close to the actual Dark Sabre probably is too much to ask for given its selling price (though the effort would be welcomed!) The problem lies here: this Megatron does not have his gun. Thus, if you are looking for the Transformers Prime Megatron with a gun, AM-33 Final Battle Megatron is a “no” automatically.

Now having considered all the facts about the 3 different Voyager Megatrons, all are not perfect if you are looking for only ONE version of the figure. I still think the RID Megatron is slightly recommended, and the best is AM-15 Darkness Megatron. If you are a completist, then I suppose you will be getting all 3 versions. If not, then only get the Takara ones. Otherwise, anyone is welcome to give this figure a try. It may be slightly recommended, but still has its own play value.



An okay figure overall. Not the best, but not the worst. Recommendations are mixed depending on one’s quotas, which are more detailed at the end of the “Robot Mode” section.



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Arms Micron Deluxe Class AM-17 Jet Vehicon and M-17 Igu

September 25, 2013

How do the Japanese make a very nicely molded Vehicon more awesome? By giving him wings!

Ok that’s not quite right. There were flying Vehicons throughout all the seasons of Transformers Prime, but somehow only the Jet Vehicon figure made it in the Takara Tomy Arms Micron toyline for the said TV series.

So who’s better and who’s worse?


Flying Car Mode

20130714_120106 - CopyJet Vehicon is designed as the general-looking plain black car which was R.I.D. Vehicon. Some mold changes in certain parts of the car and addition of wings turn this entire package into Jet Vehicon which looks close to the screen counterpart.

On its own, it looks quite nice  and the flying car concept design was pulled off quite safely and greatly. It is advisable to add the stickers or most of them to add more finishing touches to the already bland looking figure.

Vehicon & Jet Vehicon - Alt Mode Comparisons

Vehicon & Jet Vehicon – Alt Mode Comparisons

Lots of Arms Micron pegholes can be found throughout the figure, and some are obviously visible on the wings. Thus you can equip this baddie with loads of weaponry if you so choose. Speaking about weapons, he comes with a nicely molded sniper rifle that converts into a blocky and brick-ish Iguana. The clear plastic crystal with the Decepticon logo, and additions of stickers do wonders to the plain looking weapon/animal.


M-17 Igu - Iguana Mode

M-17 Igu – Iguana Mode

(Note: The Takara Tomy Arms Micron toyline makes use of most of the figures from the R.I.D. toyline, remolded a little to house more pegholes to put the Arms Microns, and also comes with said Arms Microns which are weapons that convert into blocky and brick-ish animals.)

So overall, the car mode is cool looking and very nice!




Simple yet fun transformation, and almost 100% similar to Vehicon’s transformation. Although, transforming the wings can be quite difficult due to low clearances to move the wings around.


Robot Mode

Jet Vehicon - Gesturing

Jet Vehicon – Gesturing

If Vehicon looked bad ass, Jet Vehicon looks even more bad ass! It’s as if Vehicon himself took a load of Dark Energon and grew some wings, and has Dark Energon flowing through him (hint: nice light purple colours instead of blue). Well, that’s my thought on the figure’s first impression.

Upon closer inspection it is notable that retooling has been done to the forearms and shoulders, and the leg armour consisting of jet wings instead of car wheels. These differences add some variety in Jet Vehicon and make him stand out as a very good figure on his own. The light pink colours work quite well on the figure too, and help to differentiate him from Vehicon with his blue colours.


Jet Vehicon - Aiming

Jet Vehicon – Aiming

Jet Vehicon’s posability is almost similar to Vehicon’s, except that now with the wing pieces in place, there will be some hampered posability. Also, one negative thing is that there is a piece of plastic sticking out behind Jet Vehicon’s head, which was folded all the way back on the regular Vehicon. The fault lies in the wing design which offers no room for the plastic piece to fold backwards all the way. It’s a minor fault and doesn’t ruin the figure’s looks too much at all.

You could also attach the large gun/Iguana (M-17 Igu) into Jet Vehicon’s hands and make him look greater. Takara Tomy has turned Vehicon into a flying sniper! Watch out everybody! M-17 Igu requires some assembling work but it is very easy and nowhere near the complications of assembling a Gundam figure. He is unfortunately 1 plain colour – black. The thing about these Microns in the Arms Microns toyline is that they’re generally made of a single coloured plastic, but a sticker sheet is provided to improve the asthetics of the little micron, or you can not opt for the stickers and paint it up yourself. It’s been said that the Japanese like to self-customise their toys and figures, hence why Takara Tomy came up with the Arms Microns idea. It works.

Vehicon & Jet Vehicon - Robot Mode Comparisons

Vehicon & Jet Vehicon – Robot Mode Comparisons

Comparing Jet Vehicon next to Vehicon, it appears firsthand that Jet Vehicon is the nicer of the two and also having the more sleek weapon. But looking at them longer will get you to realize that, there really isn’t a competition here. Both Vehicons are distinct, unique, fun and enjoyable in their own respective ways. And so, both are equally awesome figures in my opinion and of course, Jet Vehicon is highly recommended! Heck, get both versions of Vehicon even if you do not plan on buying any Vehicon or do not plan on making a Vehicon army.



Cool flying car mode. Awesome robot mode. Highly recommended!



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Rumble

September 21, 2013

Rumble was one of characters that didn’t appear on the Transformers Prime show, but somehow made it in toy form for the Transformers Prime R.I.D. toyline. It is a brand new mold and.. has quite an amount of kibble. How did it turn out overall though?


Car Mode

RID Rumble - Car Mode

RID Rumble – Car Mode

Rumble comes packaged in his little blue car mode. The paint apps are downright horrible on this figure – with hardly any paint apps at all. The vehicle mode is mostly cast in the light blue colour and some dark grey for the grills, and also none of the wheel rims are painted. Windows don’t count as paint apps by the way. And, that’s it. Rather disappointing alt mode in terms of paint.

So to fix that problem, I purchased a set of beautiful stickers from and added a lot more dynamics to Rumble’s alt mode. It looks wonderful in the end! I did not apply all the stickers though as adding the last remaining stickers would’ve decorated the car hood in a way I dislike. To check out the looks of the fully-stickered Rumble figure, you can view the picture gallery here. Basically, without even going into the details of the stickers, Rumble looks very nice with the upgraded stickers in his alt mode and it is highly recommended to get the Reprolabels set, if you can afford it.

RID Rumble - Car Mode with Weapons

RID Rumble – Car Mode with Weapons

I’ll just mention anyway what improvements were made upon adding the Reprolabel stickers. Rumble gets new headlights and taillights, pink tyre rim edges, metallic design for the pegholes, a nice variety of licence plates to choose from (I used “RUMBLE”), and a very beautifully done tsunami pattern on the car doors.

In addition, you can choose to attach the robot mode guns on the pegholes where the oil tanks would be, at the sides of the car.


In short, as Rumble is on his own, he is very plain and boring in alt mode. With the stickers though, he looks beautiful!



Quite simple yet interesting and satisfactory. Judging by the promotional photos of his robot mode on the packaging, you can tell this transformation is going to be wickedly different, and to me it didn’t disappoint.


Robot Mode

RID Rumble - Robot Mode

RID Rumble – Robot Mode

First, you’ll notice that Rumble has lots of car kibble parts on his shoulders, and just a little on the back. However, he looks awesome! The car kibble helped to improve his asthetics somewhat by making him look like the type of bot that is hard to beat down.

The face sculpt is also excellent and when put under sufficient light, the head crest and eyes glow a nice bright red. Cool! The only notable difference  between the head sculpt of the Hasbro and Takara versions of Rumble, is that the Takara version head is more humanoid, has a helmet and some sunglasses. Speaking about faces, the face-like design on the chest is also quite intricate. (The back pieces are an homage to his G1 character where he stored the laser guns, so it’s nice Hasbro included that).

Posability is fair on this figure. His legs are quite well posable, but keep angling out and it’s hard to keep them straight due to the designs of the figure. The shoulders are quite hard to position at times due to the humongous car kibble parts, but it’s not impossible and his amazing looks more than make up for this issue.

RID Rumble - G1 Piledriver Pose

RID Rumble – G1 Piledriver Pose

Another plus point is he comes with his large cannons that look greatly molded, but sadly unpainted! Mounting them on the correct hands will give him the look of converting his hands into cannons. Or if you want a G1 homage, you could position him to do a piledriving earthquake-making stance. Nice!

If there’s one thing I really don’t like about this figure, it’s the yellow colour. It appears to be a cheap light-shade yellow paint and does not go that well with Rumble’s light blue colours. I would’ve much preferred the use of a dark red or dark brown colour to kind of work with the red windshield and light piping of the figure.

RID Rumble - Shooting Pose

RID Rumble – Shooting Pose

But fear not ladies and gentlemen! That is why we have Reprolabels! Adding the custom stickers  adds more blue colours to Rumble and hides most of the hideous yellow colours. The stickers also add more paint apps such as the light pink on the shoulders, some text on the chest and shouders, and some pink highlights on the legs. I only wished all the yellow would’ve been removed, and replaced with either dark pink, red or purple, to match the other colours on the figure.

So how would I rate this figure? He is fantastic. I’ll be honest, he is fun to play with and the mold is great, but the serious lack of paint apps in alt mode and odd choice of yellow paint on the robot mode knock down this figure a lot. But with the help of Reprolabel stickers, he becomes a highly recommended figure without any doubt.



Cute car mode. Awesome robot mode. On his own he ranges from “Average” to “Above Average” sadly. But highly recommended, if you can also afford to purchase the beautiful Reprolabel sticker upgrade set!



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Dead End

September 21, 2013

What do you do to an already good Transformer figure to please fans? Make a damn good repaint and/or retool of it! I introduce to you today, Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) Deluxe Class Dead End.


Car Mode

RID Dead End - Car Mode

RID Dead End – Car Mode

R.I.D. Dead End is a straight up repaint/retool of R.I.D. Deluxe Class Wheeljack. I’ll first say that the gaudy colour scheme of R.I.D. Dead End (not even G1 Dead End’s colours) will either make or break the figure for you. Personally, I hated it at first but I slowly learned to like it.

The paint apps consist mainly of a weird mix of greenish yellow, green, dark grey and a little bit of orange. The windshield is the greenish yellow colour, but the fake windshield for the robot mode is clearly visible under the real windshield. Not only that, the fake windshield colour is lim green, unlike the real windshield colour! But it’s not that bad actually.

RID Dead End - Car Mode with Swords

RID Dead End – Car Mode with Swords

You can still attach the swords at the front of the car like for Wheeljack, but this time the official product photos featured Dead End having the swords upside down in vehicle mode. I think it’s solely for the sake of differentiating him from Wheeljack, and not well thought out because doing so disables the car to roll. So, it’s not recommended to attach the swords upside down unless you’re doing so just to keep your Dead End figure displayed in car mode. Likewise, you can also store the swords under the car.

All in all, the figure is quite a nice repaint of the plain looking Wheeljack car mode. The only issue is whether the colours work for you or not.



Exactly the same like Wheeljack’s: simple and interesting.


Robot Mode

RID Dead End - Robot Mode with Swords

RID Dead End – Robot Mode with Swords

It is clearly obvious that this robot mode is a straight take on the Wheeljack robot mode.  The only differences are the colours and the new head sculpt. We’ll talk about the head later. The colours are the same gaudy colours on the car mode, and work quite better in robot mode. It gives Dead End an unstable and heavily toxicated look to him, and makes him seem like a very wild and unpredictable opponent.

RID Dead End - Dashing Pose

RID Dead End – Dashing Pose

The head sculpt is very nice! And scary! He has light piping in the eyes, and the mouth. Putting him against a light will light up the mouth a LOT and adds a freaky feel to it. Adding this head to the already weird coloured body makes him look more dangerous somewhat.

Posability is exactly the same as Wheeljack –  Just enough posability to pull off decent sword moves. In the pictures I have Dead End wielding the swords upside down just to differentiate him from Wheeljack. The swords are painted very nice striking lime green, and give a poisonous look to it.

Overall though, I would like to highly recommend this figure because it has a very nice head sculpt and the sword colours. However, the colour scheme is indeed gaudy and may not work for some people. So I’ll break it down this way: For the retooled mold itself, it is highly recommended. For the colours, it’s a give or take depending on the individual.



RID Dead End - Sword-Wielding Pose

RID Dead End – Sword-Wielding Pose

This is a nice retooled version of R.I.D. Wheeljack. Both car and robot modes work very nicely. Highly recommended for the mold, but the colours may not work for everybody.







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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Vehicon

September 21, 2013

Ah, the mass soldiers of the Decepticon ranks were lucky to get figures of themselves in the First Edition (F.E.) and Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) toylines for the Transformers Prime TV show. Let’s check them out!


Car Mode

RID Vehicon - Car Mode

RID Vehicon – Car Mode

The car mode for the Vehicons looks very sleek and cool. The plain black colours work very well and provide a don’t-mess-around look to it. You can choose to attach the weapon on one of the 2 sides of the car too. Having one only looks weird, but with 2 guns it’ll be fantastic.

The vehicle mode is small and almost about the same size as the other R.I.D. Deluxe Class figures. But the quality of the plastic still feels alright, so you don’t have to worry about any fragility issues as of now.

I do not have the original F.E. Vehicon to compare the R.I.D. one to, because I did not like its design as much as the R.I.D. figure.



Easy transformation, and the way the hood and roof of the car fold multiple times to form the legs is very clever! Overall an easy, smart and fun transformation.


Robot Mode

RID Vehicon - Car Mode Posed

RID Vehicon – Car Mode Posed

Amazing robot mode! This is probably the best R.I.D. Deluxe Class figures to boot for the new R.I.D. toyline! The closeness to the screen model, the simple yet cool transformation, enough paint apps to compliment the figure, and a very good colour scheme all blend in well and make a masterpiece per-se.

The colours are the same as the car mode but now with additions of blue. In the show it was purple in fact, but that colour was reserved for the Jet Vehicon mode (retool of this Vehicon figure). Nevertheless, the colours do the figure justice.

This guy is extremely posable too, with all the necessary joints to pull off great poses. Just be forewarned that some poses may be impossible to due to the large shoulder guards and lack of ankle articulation.

Vehicon also comes with his one gun that looks like the one on the show. It can be held in Vehicon’s hand, or clipped onto the forearm with the hand folded away (which at times is hard to do). But when the gun is clipped in, it gives the illusion that Vehicon has a gun arm, and it is pulled off very nicely!

RID Vehicon - Shooting Pose

RID Vehicon – Shooting Pose

As far as I have seen, the F.E. Vehicon is bulkier and has more car kibble parts on him, plus the gun is a lot smaller than R.I.D. Vehicon’s. Hence why I didn’t purchase F.E. Vehicon. That being said, R.I.D. Vehicon is already superior to its predecessor.

On its own though, is R.I.D. Vehicon recommended? Absolutely and recommended to everyone, even if you do not like Transformers Prime or the easily-defeated Vehicons on the show. It is a totally new car transformer design, the transformation is simple and very clever, he is posable, he comes with a nice gun, and his colours are very nice. You needn’t ask more, well except maybe for another gun.




Sleek car mode. Awesome robot mode with tons of goodness. Highly recommended to all!



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Arcee

September 21, 2013

Transformers Prime Arcee gets another chance at being a Deluxe class figure with a bit of retooling and recolouring. Is this for better or for worse?


Motorcycle Mode

RID Arcee - Motorcycle Mode

RID Arcee – Motorcycle Mode

The motorcycle mode this time for Arcee, compared to the FE Arcee, is in all honesty quite good. It’s not as bulky as its predecessor and does not have the option of putting the arm blades on the bottom of the motorcycle. All this improves the overall look of the motorcycle. She has some visible hands in motorcycle mode though, but it’s not too terrible.

The colours are awkward this time. It’s a lighter shade of baby blue compared to the navy blue used on the F.E. Arcee. I will say this: If you haven’t watched the Transformers Prime show, then the colours will not bother you. But if you have watched the show, then the colours may bug you. I was quite disturbed by the choice of baby blue colours, but in the end it grew on me. So in short, the colour is not as bad as you think at first glance.

RID Arcee & FE Arcee - Alt Mode Comparisons

RID Arcee & FE Arcee – Alt Mode Comparisons

You have the option of attaching the large gun and blade onto the sides of the front wheel, but it looks utterly stupid, so I did not take pictures of it.

Overall, the motorcycle mode is great and the new colours are still a warm welcome.






This is a much simpler transformation for Deluxe Class Arcee. The leg transformation is a little similar to the predecessor’s, and how the torso area transforms is interesting.


Robot Mode

RID Arcee - Robot Mode

RID Arcee – Robot Mode

From the front, Arcee looks fantastic with a more streamlined and feminine body than F.E. Arcee. When you look at her from other angles however, this is where the problems begin.

Her simple transformation resulted in making the main body very humanoid looking and as close as possible to the screen counterpart. What suffers this time is her gigantic backpack comprising of the front motorcycle parts and the side guards from the same motorcycle mode. The side guards form very large wings, and nowhere near the looks of the little wing designs she had on the show. The way the wheel juts out too much is also disturbing. This is very bad asthetically and I believe could be a deal breaker for some collectors.

Negative points aside, she is more posable this time around. Unlike the F.E. Arcee, R.I.D. Arcee does not have the shoulder guards on the shoulders, hence you have more range of motion in the arms. Also thanks to the way her legs transform, she now has more than 90 degress knee bend. Awesome!

RID Arcee - Robot Back View

RID Arcee – Robot Back View

The robot mode colours are also carried forward from the motorcycle mode. She is mostly baby blue with more hints of black and a little silver now. With the lighter shade of blue, it is now more obvious that her robot mode lacks molded in details, and thus looks a little plain. Unlike the F.E. Arcee where the dark colours helped to mask the lack of molded in details.

She also comes with a very large gun and one all-silver arm blade. The arm-blade is a little bit more show accurate as the F.E. arm blades were very big. The sad thing now is that the arm blades are only painted silver. With a little bit of blue, the blade would have looked more awesome. The gun being so big was probably a fault in the design. Arcee never held such a large gun in the show and using that gun ruins her very sleek and fast persona.


RID Arcee - Action Pose

RID Arcee – Action Pose

A Youtube reviewer quoted that Hasbro should have used less plastic and made 2 small dual guns to make this figure better. And by doing so, Hasbro would’ve saved more money on manufacturing costs. I agree to this statement. The F.E. verison had arm blades, so it would be good if the R.I.D. version came with dual guns instead. Sadly that was not to be. But having spoiled myself by watching tons of anime shows with characters wielding oversized weapons, I warmly welcome any Transformer that wields very large weapons – guns included.

RID Arcee & FE Arcee - Robot Mode Comparisons

RID Arcee & FE Arcee – Robot Mode Comparisons

R.I.D. Arcee is smaller in size compared to her F.E. counterpart, by about a head shorter. Now, some may argue this is a good thing. F.E. Arcee was a very tall Deluxe figure and was definitely out of scale with the other Deluxe class figures (a motorcycle transformer being bigger than a car transformer, i.e. Bumblebee and Arcee, for example). The R.I.D. Arcee is also not in scale but being smaller, she scales better with the other Deluxes.



In my opinion, I like F.E. Arcee the way she is partly because she is big and since figures have been slowly downsizing over the recent years. But on the other hand, I also like R.I.D. Arcee despite her size. In fact, when you have her in hand, she doesn’t feel all that small because she is a motorcycle transformer and these transformers tend to be smaller in size. Of course, to each his/her own.

RID Arcee - "Yes Sir"

RID Arcee – “Yes Sir”

All in all, this figure is a mixed bag in my opinion. Having bought the F.E. Arcee AFTER buying the Cyberverse and Deluxe R.I.D. Arcee figures made me regret buying the R.I.D. figures, but I never knew that stores in my area had stocks of the F.E. figures!

So, without going astray anymore, I’ll simply say this: This is not the best Transformers Prime Arcee figure and it definitely pales in comparison to the F.E. version. She is extremely posable and can still look quite nice despite having a huge backpack. If the backpack is a serious disturbance to you, then by all means pass on the figure.

If you already have F.E. Arcee, then you may pass on this figure unless you like the increased posability in the R.I.D. version. But if you did not manage to get the F.E. Arcee, then R.I.D. Arcee is a great substitute.



Good motorcycle mode. Decent robot mode. Recommended if you missed out on F.E. Arcee, and mildly recommended if you already own the F.E. Arcee.



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Cyberverse Legion Class Arcee

September 21, 2013

I hardly collect the small transformer figures, and by small I mean the Cyberverse a.k.a. Legends class figures but for a few exceptions: the character is only released as a miniature-sized transformer with no place in the larger class sizes, the larger size ones are uglier than said Legends/Cyberverse figures, or I couldn’t wait for the larger and better class size figures.

The third reason is what made me purchase this Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) Cyberverse Class Arcee. Months ago, I knew that the First Edition Arcee had been cancelled and I probably wouldn’t have the chance to get it. I also wanted to opt for the R.I.D. Deluxe Class Arcee, but I had no idea when it’ll be on the shelves. In my area, it could take months before the next wave of figures make an appearance in stores! Hence, I thought having the smaller yet more scale-wise figure of Arcee will be good. Did I regret getting this figure.


Motorcycle Mode

RID Cyberverse Arcee - Motorcycle Mode

RID Cyberverse Arcee – Motorcycle Mode

Arcee transforms into a motorcycle and her colours match those of the F.E. counterpart as well as on the show. She rolls quite fine in this mode and you can see her robot hands a little on the seat area.

She comes with a dual-barrel gun made of soft translucent pink plastic. It can fit into the hand holes in motorcycle mode, albeit looking a little silly.

And that’s pretty much it for the motorcycle mode. It’s a decent motorcycle with a large gun.



Simple transformation and quite satisfactory for a Cyberverse figure.


Robot Mode

RID Cyberverse Arcee - Shooting Pose

RID Cyberverse Arcee – Shooting Pose

The robot mode is to be honest not that great. The arms look really long and a little out of place. The wings, which form the front and sides of the motorcycle, also tend to pop off very easily. It is simply on a friction-like hinge and is difficult to fix.

Paint apps are fair for a little figure like this. Enough silver and other colours have been applied in the necessary places. Posability is not great, like almost every Cyberverse/ Legends Class figures. She is however able to hold up her gun while not falling over.

The overall look of the figure is only okay. There’s nothing special about her, and I kind of regret buying her. I only mildly recommend this figure, and only to serious Arcee fans.



Decent motorcycle alt mode, but average robot mode. Mildly recommended, and only to serious Arcee fans.



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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Hot Shot

September 14, 2013

Hot Shot never appeared on the Transformers Prime show, but is a character that had been in several previous Transformers TV seasons. This time he is coloured in blue with some flame decos.


Car Mode

RID Hot Shot - Car Mode

RID Hot Shot – Car Mode

First of all, this is a straight repaint/retool of the R.I.D. Bumblebee figure, the substitute per-se figure for the First Edition (F.E.) Bumblebee. Those who managed to get their hands on the F.E. Bumblebee passed on this version of Bumblebee. However, the Hot Shot repaint got them, including me, interested in the figure.

Secondly, please note beforehand that the tyre rims on Hot Shot are originally unpainted. I decorated the rims a little using a silver Sharpie marker.

RID Hot Shot - Armed Car Mode

RID Hot Shot – Armed Car Mode

Let’s get started with the review then. The nice shiny blue paint job and gunmetal grey colours, and also the flame decos, work cohesively in his vehicular mode. It is close to a Takara Tomy repaint to be honest. He looks very slick and fast and the lovely colours just add more style and dynamics to the vehicle. The gunmetal dual guns which you can attach to the engine block is a very nice touch too.

FE Bumblebee & RID Hot Shot - Alt Mode Comparisons

FE Bumblebee & RID Hot Shot – Alt Mode Comparisons

Apart from that though, this is where the alt mode suffers: its size. It is incredibly small. Not R.I.D. Deluxe Class Knock Out small, but it still is very small and I think it is slightly smaller than the Wheeljack figure. Putting him next to the F.E. Bumblebee makes this Hot Shot figure so tiny! That’s a real bummer.

Overall, the car mode is great looking, but the miniature size of a Deluxe Class figure he is is discouraging. It would be good if you pass up on the Bumblebee mold and get this figure instead. At least Hot Shot gets shiny paint and gunmetal grey colours on him, which are very beautifully done.



Very simple transformation and makes the F.E. figure look like a complicated Rubik’s cube. Despite the simplicity of the transformation, it is fun and satisfying.


Robot Mode

RID Hot Shot - Cool Pose

RID Hot Shot – Cool Pose

The robot mode for Hot Shot is quite nice. His torso is abnormally small just like the F.E. Bumblebee figure, but the bulky legs help to support the weight of the figure. The arms also are just small enough to match up with the torso without looking out of place. The head is well designed and Hot Shot even has flip-down goggles which are nicely painted. Cool!

Posability on this figure is quite good. The main issue is that the feet although big and look like they can stabilize the figure, do prevent you from making Hot Shot do some cool action poses and cause him to fall over easily. The ball joints on the hips are also loose and I had to use nail polish to thicken up the ball parts of the hip joints. Loose joints are very common nowadays on Transformers, even for Takara figures, which is sad.

His dual guns can be mounted separately on the arms, or combined to form a 4-barrel gun which you can equip on either arm. The darker gunmetal colours add more realistic destructive looks to the guns and compliment Hot Shot for the most part.

RID Hot Shot - Goggles Up

RID Hot Shot – Goggles Up

As I mentioned before in the transformation section, the robot mode suffers from the simplistic transformation. The arms, or rather shoulders, just fold outwards from the car and leave a gaping hole in the chest area if viewed from the side. That could be disturbing to some, but the overall nice colours help to make up for the gap in the chest.

Another negative point to note is the piece of plastic, i.e. the car grill, which sticks out annoyingly behind his head. The F.E. figure had the similar car grill piece fold in 2-3 parts to from the mid-chest section of the robot mode. That was a smart idea. Here on RID Bumblebee/Hot Shot though, it was not done similarly. Had that piece even just simply folded backwards onto the back of the robot mode, it would’ve been a major improvement for the robot mode. Also, the piece of plastic just beneath the head has the tendency to keep springing upwards, therefore making his head higher than it already is. There is a mod to do this by cutting away some gears in the neck area, but it was too difficult to separate the chest panels on my figure so I gave up. The head raising isn’t so bad, but the piece of plastic behind the head is quite a problem.

RID Hot Shot - Guns Combined

RID Hot Shot – Guns Combined

Overall though, the mold on its own is disappointing for a F.E. Bumblebee substitute. But giving the mold to Hot Shot, retooling the head, and adding nicer darker colours, do this mold justice. It’s not the best Deluxe in the world, but heck thanks to the paint he is by far one of the nicest looking Deluxes for the Transformers Prime R.I.D. toyline, at least in my honest opinion. Hot Shot, NOT Bumblebee, is a worthy pickup. And plus, because he did not appear on the show, that means he can cater to a lot of collectors: those who want a fresh car transformer, who like Transformers Prime, who like Hot Shot’s character from previous TV series although his colours are different this time around, who like Transformers in general, etc.

FE Bumblebee & RID Hot Shot - Robot Mode Comparisons

FE Bumblebee & RID Hot Shot – Robot Mode Comparisons

Of course, there are those who refuse to buy the new Transformers figures because of the size issue, but let’s face it. The figures will gradually shrink in size and lose more paint apps and suffer from lower quality plastic usage – due to the economic times and the ever-rising cost of plastic. At one point in time in the future, I see myself not colleting anymore because of this issue. I have skipped on lots of figures such as FOC Optimus Prime, RID Knock Out, the new Thrilling 30th Anniversary IDW Generations figures (e.g. Orion Pax) too just simply because of how small they are.

However! Hot Shot is not too terribly small to dislike, and because of that he is still a fun figure to collect or play with. And for that, I still recommend this figure to everyone, except for those who collect figures of the characters that only appeared on the show.



An average toy mold for a car and robot, that turned into a nice-looking figure thanks to shiny paint and gunmetal grey colours. Recommended to all, with exceptions mentioned above.



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