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Transformer Review: Animated Deluxe Class Soundwave

September 8, 2011

Transformers Animated has many interesting transformer designs, and Animated Soundwave is one of them.  Let’s check it out.


Music Van Mode

Okay, Soundwave’s alt mode isn’t exactly a music van, but because of the design and paint apps used, he resembles a van that blasts music..  Design wise, it is interesting and has a cartoonic look, just like most of the Animated figures.  The rear of the van is unpainted so that’s a minus for me.

A bonus is you can place Soundwave’s guitar weapon, Laserbeak, on the roof of the car.  It looks a little silly given the size of the van and the guitar, but it’s not horrible.

Overall a great vehicle mode.



Fairly simple. 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Robot Mode

A very screen accurate Animated Soundwave!  The body proportions are a little weird – big upper torso and small abdomen – but it looks pretty good in person.  The chest resembles his classic tape deck a little and can open too, but you cannot fit much in there.  Posability is not too bad, so you can get some decent poses out of him.

What I find interesting about this Soundwave figure is that instead of his classic gun or missile launcher, he gets a guitar.  What’s even more interesting is that the guitar transforms into a bird called Laserbeak.  Though not well painted, Laserbeak is quite nice. 🙂

There is a repaint for Soundwave and that is Electrostatic Soundwave, and instead of a guitar he gets a keytar.  That’s cool!  I wanted to get him but I missed out on him. Too bad..



Soundwave, as it is, is a very good figure despite his size.  His repaint Electrostatic Soundwave is pretty good too.   I recommend getting both of them if possible. 🙂

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