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Transformer Review: Generations Deluxe Class Skullgrin

September 8, 2011

When news of a Generations Darkmount figure were announced, that got many transformer fans excited.  The mold was very good, but after I saw pictures of Skullgrin, I believed Skullgrin’s colours and head suit the mold a lot better.  Hence I got Skullgrin.  Let’s check him out.

Note: Skullgrin is the repaint and retool of Generations Deluxe Class Darkmount (also known as Straxus).

Tank Mode

Skullgrin’s tank mode is an interesting tank.  It not only has treads but two front wheels.  The size of the cockpit is small, but that gives you an indication of how big the tank would actually be!

The turret turns a full 360 degrees.  It may not seem special, but this rotation in fact is the waist articulation for the robot mode.  Now that’s new and cool!

In addition, he comes equipped with not one, but three 3-mm clip weapons.  He’s the only figure that comes equipped with so many clip systems!  Also, there are many places on the tank mode to add these clip weapons, so you can arrange these weapons in many ways you desire.  Is that great?  Oh yes!

Battle Station Mode

Like ROTF Voyager Class Mixmaster, I am not a fan of his third mode which is the Battle Station mode, which basically is a mid-way transformation from tank to robot.  So there won’t be pics for this mode.  I apologize for this inconvenience.

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Robot Mode

The robot mode is nice!  You get a robot mode with good body proportions, actually very well built proportions due to the bulk of the chest and limbs.  That’s nice. 🙂

The front part of the tank folds out to become shoulder guards – nice touch.  The turret becomes his legs and lower abdomen, and there is waist articulation that allows the turret in tank mode to turn.  That’s very nice!  The asymmetrical design of the legs is also pretty good.

His tank turret can be removed and transformed into a pickaxe.  And just like his tank mode, he can have the 3-mm clip weapons attached to many parts of his robot body.  That gives him extra firepower and battle morale.  Not bad!

Lastly his posability is pretty good.  Although the feet have odd designs, with the balljoints are at the side instead of the top of the feet, this gives him a good range of feet articluation.  The arms are very articulate and have two joints at the elbow.  Furthermore, the hands can open and close.  Thus, this allows Skullgrin to hold his pickaxe with two hands.  That’s fantastic!

There are many great things to say about this figure!  This is one of the best in the toyline and perhaps one of the most well-designed transformer of all time (in my opinion)! 🙂


An excellent figure loaded with many weapons!  🙂

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