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Transformer Review: Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Laserbeak

November 6, 2011

Laserbeak was one of the key Decepticons in the third installment of the Transformers CGI movie: Dark of the Moon (2011).  He portrayed a very evil and merciless spy and his toy incarnation is a nice representation of the character.  Check out the review below.



Hover Jet Mode

DOTM Laserbeak - Hover Jet Mode

In the movie, Laserbeak had various alt modes ranging from computer monitors to LCD screens.   Deluxe Class Laserbeak however transforms into a unique hover jet, which is a forced alt mode for this toy.  It’s a tiny jet with large turbines on the wings, and the landing gear clearly resembles bird feet.  Overall it’s not very appealing and does not disguise the character well.


The only articulation for this mode are the wings that can fold upwards (not downwards).  Paint apps only include those on the cockpit – cockpit windows and bird details at the side.


Unlike most Deluxe DOTM figures, Laserbeak comes with two large MechTech weapons: machineguns.  When attached to one another, they form a massive energy cannon or bazooka.   Personally I like these weapons a lot and I think these are the best MechTech weapons by far.  For my figure however, when combining the MechTech weapons, the movable gun barrel does not lock into its final position properly.  It angles outwards out of the rest of the bazooka barrel.  So, it’s a bit of a shame.  However, these two weapons are still gorgeous MechTech weapons!


Also, as mentioned in my Cyberfire Bumblebee review, I have given these weapons to Cyberfire Bumblebee as Laserbeak’s MechTech weapons are way too big for his size.


DOTM Laserbeak - Hover Jet Mode with MechTech Weapons

However, the Laserbeak’s hover jet mode looks more destructive and menacing when equipped with his oversized MechTech weapons.  Practically, this jet would have difficulty flying.  So was it executed well?  If equipped with smaller MechTech weapons such as those from DOTM Deluxe Topspin, then yes.  But with his given weapons, then I doubt so.


Overall, not an impressive alt mode.  But definitely something better than Scorponok’s or Ravage’s alt modes.




Fairly simple.  The tail, neck, and wings of the figure are very cleverly concealed (and revealed). 🙂   Neck is stored inside the body of the plane, tail is compacted to form the rear wing piece, and the bird wings are folded up neatly inside the turbines.  Kudos to the engineers and/or designers of this figure!



Beast Mode

DOTM Laserbeak - Beast Mode

This mode is what makes the figure shine.  Laserbeak appears to be an alienated bird with spikes on its neck and tail.  The wings and talons look sharp and deadly, and the face is weird yet evil-looking.  Every bit of this figure screams evil.  One negative thing of the beast mode is the cockpit of the hover jet is visibly seen on Laserbeak’s belly.  It may be bothersome to some collectors.  To me, it’s something tolerable.


Articulation for this figure ranges from very decent to okay.  The neck and tail are well articulated due to the many ball joints incorporated into the toy design.  Wings fold in and out fairly enough due to the concealing inside the turbines, and clearances for up and down movement (the wings cannot fold downwards).  The weakest articulation is in the legs, where the thighs only can fold forwards and backwards.  The talons however are decently articulated.


There are not much paint apps in beast mode, but they are very nicely done – Bluish-green eyes, red tongue, nice silver detailing on the wing tips, and a nicely painted silver tail.  I especially like the silver paint apps on the wings with a bit of fading effect.


Plastic quality on this figure is great and does not feel or look cheap.  The choice of plastic colours is a little bland but does not ruin the look of the figure at all (unlike other DOTM figures).  After all, Laserbeak was not colourful in the movie.


DOTM Laserbeak - Beast Mode with MechTech Weapons

Size comparisons with other DOTM Deluxe figures show that Laserbeak is definitely shorter than the average Deluxe figure.  But his wing span is very long; so long it easily outstretches the length of any Deluxe figure alt mode (excluding Classics Astrotrain).  So this figure is of a good size.


Laserbeak’s MechTech weapons still look humongous even for his beast mode.  They add a nice destructive touch to his beast mode, but personally I’d prefer smaller MechTech weapons attached on him.


All in all, the beast mode is very good and a very close representation of Laserbeak from the DOTM movie.




Albeit a weak alt mode, Laserbeak has a very impressive beast mode that is very screen-accurate.  A well-designed and well-articulated figure with neat oversized MechTech weapons.  Overall, a recommended buy!  And a must-buy if you loved Laserbeak in the movie. 😀



More pics below:


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I hope this review has been informative and useful.  Thanks for reading! 🙂


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