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Transformer Review: Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Shockwave

December 6, 2011

Megatron left Shockwave in charge of Cybertron when he went to Earth.  That was the story in G1.  Now in the movie, Shockwave apparently having stayed in Cybertron now decides to join Megatron on Earth.  His movie incarnation is impressive and menacing at the same time, and pilots a bad-ass drilling machine in Dark of the Moon.  Let’s take a look at his figure.



Cybertronian Ground Assault Mode

Shockwave - Alt Mode

Shockwave’s alt mode is a Cybertronian tank mode.  It has a gun barrel/turret on one side, and a huge arm blade on the other.  This is the default appearance, and it looks evil!  Every bit and corner of this figure just looks like it can crush anything in its path.  There are very good molded details and paint apps in this mode, and the choice of metallic purple, grey and silver blends in impressively!  Also, although the gun turret seems to only be on one side of the tank, it can be rotated 360 degrees.  Nice. 🙂


As for size in alt mode, Shockwave is a little smaller than than previous Voyager Class figures.  But it is no problem.  Overall, still a superb tank mode!




Simple.  Shockwave’s transformation is easy and can actually be figured out without referring to the instruction manual.  However, transforming the backpack is a little tricky due to a minor clearance issue.



Robot Mode

Shockwave - Robot Mode

One word: FANTASTIC! This is by far one of the best movie-verse transformers we have seen so far! Just like his alt mode, Shockwave looks equally if not more menacing in his robot mode. The huge rib cage, the bulky legs, the sharp clawed hands, a long blade, a huge energy gun, and the horned head with a Cyclops eye – all this screams evil! He is one great evil Decepticon and a great display piece! 🙂


Now, this Shockwave does not look similar to previous Shockwave figures.  The only similarity would be the Cyclops eye.  Everything else just isn’t the same because of his bulk figure.  But that doesn’t mean he’s awful.  He’s a great toy.


Shockwave - Unarmed

Posability is kind of limited in some areas, like the hands and shoulders.  No waist articulation though.  The hose connected to the gun and the backpack hinders posabilty somewhat, and would be better if the hose were longer.  Nonetheless, it is detachable so removing the hose could solve the problem.


By the way, the MechTech weapon is a huge gun that when activated, two smaller guns fold out.  This is one of the better gimmicks so far, and it is actually not that bad. 🙂  The weapon is activated by sliding forward the grey piece at the back end of the gun.


Plus, Voyager Class MechTech weapons can lock into place, so you can keep the weapon permanently activated.  For Shockwave’s case, slide the grey piece at the back end of the gun all the way until it clicks.


Albeit being a little smaller than previous Voyager figures in robot mode, this is just a superb figure and would be a waste to not get it.  After all, he was one of the main stars in the Dark of the Moon movie. 🙂




Bad-ass and awesome in both alt mode and robot mode.  Highly recommended! 🙂



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