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Transformer Review: Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Skyhammer

December 6, 2011

Skyhammer transforms into a helicopter. He didn’t appear in any of the three movies so far. So is he worth buying for? Let’s check him out. 🙂


Attack Chopper Mode

Skyhammer - Alt Mode

Skyhammer’s alt mode is a military assault helicopter. The model was not mentioned in the packaging, so it may be a mix of existing helicopter designs.


Anyway, this chopper mode looks fantastic.  The choice of the grey colours used was executed very well, and the other colours such as yellow (cockpit) and white (helicopter tail) do not ruin the look of the helicopter at all.


Additionally, the rotors rotate very well and there are a good number of MechTech ports in alt mode.  That’s more than you can ask for this very nicely sculpted helicopter mode. 🙂




Reasonably simple.  The transformation is straightforward with a tad bit of trickiness to it.  But transforming the wings into his robot backpack can be nastily tricky at first because of the clearance available to transform them.



Robot Mode

One word: FANTASTIC!  This is perhaps the best helicopter transformer we’ve gotten so far!  Previous helicopter transformers had the rotor blades at the back of the body, or on the arms.  This time, Skyhammer’s rotors actually bend towards his back, which has never been done before.  By doing so, this gave the designers a lot of opportunity to play around with using the other parts of the helicopter to form his other body parts.  The final result is a fantastic and decently bulky figure!  Well done Hasbro! 🙂


Off the bat, Skyhammer’s design is a mix of movie-verse and classic/G1 styles and they blend perfectly.  He is very humanoid looking and has a head sculpt similar to that of Optimus Prime.  Decent posability and a waist joint makes this figure a good posable toy!


Skyhammer - Cool Pose

One downside though is that he is top heavy and the heel spurs don’t really help to support his weight well. Thus Skyhammer has the tendency to topple backwards unless you fiddle with the knees a little.  On the bright side, his MechTech weapon is pretty nice.   It is a huge machinegun that transforms into a large blade when activated.  Like all Voyager class figure MechTech weapons, this one can also lock into place by rotating the activating lever 90 degrees when the blade is out.


Another thing to note is that Skyhammer is a little smaller than previous Voyager class figures, just like how all Dark of the Moon figures have been shrunk in size.  But he isn’t drastically smaller and still looks almost equally big as previous Voyager class figures from afar.  So his size is acceptable. 🙂


Overall, this is a fantastic robot mode!  Kudos again to the designers! 🙂




Fantastic helicopter.  Fantasic robot mode.  Very well designed and executed! 😀


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