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Transformer Review: Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander Class Hatchet

September 9, 2013

Fighter Jet Mode

Hatchet - Alt Mode

Hatchet – Alt Mode

Hatchet is my last Dread and also the last Dark of the Moon toy I bought. Hatchet only got released in the Cyberverse Commander class toyline and was one of the best selling ones to date.

Unlike his screen counterpart, Hatchet’s alt mode is a generic fighter jet plane. At first I was thought that was unfair because in the movie his alt mode was a Chevrolet Suburban van. But after seeing how nice and clean the robot mode is, I’m glad they left his alt mode this way rather than as a van.

If you guys remember how kibbly the Ravage figure from Transformers Alternators was, then you’d understand what I mean.

20130823_113315 - CopyOn its own, the fighter jet looks alright from the front. It is mostly black with some hints of silver, white and yellow. It also has 2 guns on the sides of the plane. There are also molded landing gears at the back and a flip-down landing gear at the front. (The jet doesn’t roll)

There are disturbing visible robot hands on the back of the jet mode. That isn’t good but forgivable for his size. You can also mount his 2 missile-shaped drones to the bottom of the wings for added firepower.

Overall the fighter jet is quite nice.



Quite involved for a Cyberverse figure. Some joints are tough to move on the first transformation such as the flipping hatch that is placed behind the robot’s head. The front legs of the robot mode do not look like they split open, but they do. (I do not recall whether that was clearly mentioned in the instructions because I have the habit of totally not reading them and figure out the transformations on my own.)

I like how the hind legs & tail transform. The way the head was hidden and transforms quite surprised me. (That’s a positive for the toy.)


Robot Mode

Hatchet - Crouching Robot Mode

Hatchet – Crouching Robot Mode

Hatchet’s robot mode is very feline-ish. He has four legs, 2 bulky front legs with paws/hands, and 2 slimmer & blockier hind legs with flat feet instead of paws. This makes him really stand out as a unique transformer and he excels at it.

Hatchet - Robot Face & Transformed Drones Close Up

Hatchet – Robot Face & Transformed Drones Close Up

His posability is quite decent for a Cyberverse figure, even for the slightly limited posability in the hind legs. It’s good enough to make Hatchet get into a crouching position. The head is not jointed except for transformation, but the nice paintjob made up for it. (Yes, the gold on the face is paint, not plastic. Phew!)

His drones transform into a machine gun and a blaster, both are great touches. It didn’t need to be done, but the fact that it was done is a great plus point in my book.

Hatchet & Crankcase robot mode size comparisons

Hatchet & Crankcase robot mode size comparisons

Now for scale and size fanatics, Hatchet in robot mode will not scale well with the smaller sizes of Cyberverse Legion Class Crankcase and Crowbar (the other 2 Dreads). Hatchet is rather big compared to Crankcase and Crowbar in the Cyberverse line, but not by a mile. On the other hand, he would look small when compared to Deluxe Class Crankcase, definitely. Scale fanatics will be upset about this, but the size of the figure shouldn’t discourage you from getting one of the best, if not the best, Cyberverse figures in the Dark of the Moon toyline.

Overall, good enough amount of articulation for his size, and this robot mode rocks!





Quite nice jet mode. Very nice robot mode. Fun and involved transformation. High recommended even if you do not like the Dreads in the movie!

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