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Transformer Review: Dark of the Moon Leader Class Dark Energon Megatron

September 9, 2013

There have been a few variations of the 2009 Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Megatron figure. The latest one is the TAKARA TOMY repaint called “Dark Energon Megatron” released in the Dark of the Moon toyline, which we’re going to review now.


Cybertron Tank Mode

Dark Energon Megatron - Cybertron Tank Mode

Dark Energon Megatron – Cybertron Tank Mode

As mentioned above, this Megatron is a direct repaint of the original 2009 mold. The colours look very nice – a good use of dark purple, dark grey and some silver among the other colours on him. I believe this colour scheme works better than the Shadow Command Megatron as it as a more overall dark motif. His general bulky and sharp edge-figure make him look dangerous and menacing.

The turret can turn 360 degrees and raise up a little bit. The fake wheels roll just fine too.

Dark Energon Megatron - Tank Turret Posed

Dark Energon Megatron – Tank Turret Posed

The lights and sounds gimmick he has in his alt mode is that when you fire the missile, it will activate a tiny button in the middle of the tank which will generate an explosion noise. That’s okay. In addition, his size is great and in-scale with Leader Class Optimus Prime.

Leader Class Dark Energon Megatron & Buster Optimus Prime - Alt Mode Size Comparisons

Leader Class Dark Energon Megatron & Buster Optimus Prime – Alt Mode Size Comparisons

One of the two bad points about this figure is the visible head that is seen at the front of the tank. If it had been more covered up just like his Voyager counterpart, it would have made him more awesome. The 2nd bad point is that it is not screen accurate. In the movie Megatron had visible wings to indicate that the tank could fly. In that regard, the Voyager Class version did a better job at portraying that look.

Overall the tank mode is still beautifully sculpted and with TAKARA TOMY’s choice of updated dark colours, it brings out more character in the already menacing alt mode.




Simple to transform. Some joints are tight on the TAKARA version and still the arm where the cannon is attached to still pops off from its hinge joint. One major issue I have with the figure is the clip on the backpack which would clip into the back of the tank and/or robot mode snapped off when I transformed him the first time because it was too tight. I should not have forced it in knowing it was already too difficult to snap on the backpack to begin with.

Almost 1/3 of the clip had been chipped off. And I transformed it one more time, and more bits of it chipped off. This is very disappointing especially since it is a TAKARA TOMY figure. So for those who are getting this figure, just be wary of this issue. Hopefully it is not on every figure.

I apologize for not providing a picture because the clip was too small to be focused on, and I do not own a good enough camera to take a photo of the broken clip.


Robot Mode

Dark Energon Megatron - Robot Mode Posed

Dark Energon Megatron – Robot Mode Posed

The robot mode looks awesome. Again, the choice of paints for this figure help to make it more menacing than before and also accentuate the nicely molded details of the figure. He also has nicely molded and painted insides with lots of robotic parts – this is more prominent when activating the lights and sounds gimmick. The inclusion of a gold center piece on the chest with a purple Decepticon logo is a nice touch.

The huge right arm with the cannon is extremely menacing and goes well with the whole bulky look of his body and legs. The legs are very huge and depict the probable look of a general leading an army of monstrous brutes.

20130714_133946 - CopyTalking more about the arms, let’s start with the right arm. As mentioned the cannon is mounted here and it has a feature too. When you lift the back side of the cannon near the shoulder, you can flip it forwards to make it look like Megatron has a huge claw-hand with a gun barrel in the middle. That may work for some but not for others. To me it’s fine but I prefer to leave it at the shoulder. Sadly the left arm suffered when the designers decided to make it very thin and scrawny. I can’t say it’s a small issue because the drastic size difference between the right and left arms is obvious and maybe a little disturbing. The left arm is very articulated though.

The Mech Alive & lights and sounds gimmick is quite nice. By sliding (not pressing) down the center piece of the chest, it will move the gears inside the chest, the head will move a little to the left and right, and the only voice clip Megatron will speak: “I AM MEGATRROOOONN!!” I think the ferocious voice tone used for this voice clip is amazing and really goes well with the overall asthetics of the figure.

His articulation in robot mode is disappointing. No elbow joint in the right arm, no ankle joints, lack of waist swivel, and very little bends in the knees. So you cannot pose this figure well. But I think even by making him stand up he looks dangerous and cool too.

Dark Energon Megatron - Right Claw Arm Deployed

Dark Energon Megatron – Right Claw Arm Deployed

As for size, he is a great size for a Decepticon leader and looks larger and more menacing than Leader Class Optimus Prime.

I decided to get the Leader Class mold of Movie Megatron (and coincidentally got this repaint) instead of the Voyager Class one from the Revenge of the Fallen toyline. At first I wanted the Voyager one because it was more screen accurate and had more posability and weapons, but Hasbro chose this aquamarine green shade which I hated. And thus I went for the Leader Class mold.

That being said, would this figure be for everybody? Unfortunately, no. This figure is a pass for those who: hate Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, hate the overly complex & alien looking transformers in said movies, want complex transformations, want screen-accurate transformers, and have no liking for Megatron himself. On the other hand, this figure is recommended for those who: are the opposite of what was just stated above, like nice repaints, and like TAKARA TOMY figures, and lastly if you just need a villain to pair with your Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime.  😛

Leader Class Buster Optimus Prime & Dark Energon Megatron - Robot Mode Size Comparisons

Leader Class Buster Optimus Prime & Dark Energon Megatron – Robot Mode Size Comparisons

Furthermore, out of the many variants of the mold, I would say that the Dark Energon Megatron is the best painted and coloured one of them all, so if you like this mold, try to get a hold of this version. Or if the Leader Class Megatron mold doesn’t please you, and you don’t mind the colours of the Voyager Class Megatron, then by all means go for the latter which is more screen accurate.

My final thoughts on the robot mode are that it is painted very well, the mold is very nice looking except for the left arm, and the voice clip is fantastic.



The tank mode is bulky and menacing and the robot mode screams of a tyrant leader. The scrawny left arm, lack of posability, not-so-screen-accurate design, and visible head in tank mode bring this figure down. Overall, recommended for those who can overlook these flaws and who are fans of the movie.


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