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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Dead End

September 21, 2013

What do you do to an already good Transformer figure to please fans? Make a damn good repaint and/or retool of it! I introduce to you today, Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) Deluxe Class Dead End.


Car Mode

RID Dead End - Car Mode

RID Dead End – Car Mode

R.I.D. Dead End is a straight up repaint/retool of R.I.D. Deluxe Class Wheeljack. I’ll first say that the gaudy colour scheme of R.I.D. Dead End (not even G1 Dead End’s colours) will either make or break the figure for you. Personally, I hated it at first but I slowly learned to like it.

The paint apps consist mainly of a weird mix of greenish yellow, green, dark grey and a little bit of orange. The windshield is the greenish yellow colour, but the fake windshield for the robot mode is clearly visible under the real windshield. Not only that, the fake windshield colour is lim green, unlike the real windshield colour! But it’s not that bad actually.

RID Dead End - Car Mode with Swords

RID Dead End – Car Mode with Swords

You can still attach the swords at the front of the car like for Wheeljack, but this time the official product photos featured Dead End having the swords upside down in vehicle mode. I think it’s solely for the sake of differentiating him from Wheeljack, and not well thought out because doing so disables the car to roll. So, it’s not recommended to attach the swords upside down unless you’re doing so just to keep your Dead End figure displayed in car mode. Likewise, you can also store the swords under the car.

All in all, the figure is quite a nice repaint of the plain looking Wheeljack car mode. The only issue is whether the colours work for you or not.



Exactly the same like Wheeljack’s: simple and interesting.


Robot Mode

RID Dead End - Robot Mode with Swords

RID Dead End – Robot Mode with Swords

It is clearly obvious that this robot mode is a straight take on the Wheeljack robot mode.  The only differences are the colours and the new head sculpt. We’ll talk about the head later. The colours are the same gaudy colours on the car mode, and work quite better in robot mode. It gives Dead End an unstable and heavily toxicated look to him, and makes him seem like a very wild and unpredictable opponent.

RID Dead End - Dashing Pose

RID Dead End – Dashing Pose

The head sculpt is very nice! And scary! He has light piping in the eyes, and the mouth. Putting him against a light will light up the mouth a LOT and adds a freaky feel to it. Adding this head to the already weird coloured body makes him look more dangerous somewhat.

Posability is exactly the same as Wheeljack –  Just enough posability to pull off decent sword moves. In the pictures I have Dead End wielding the swords upside down just to differentiate him from Wheeljack. The swords are painted very nice striking lime green, and give a poisonous look to it.

Overall though, I would like to highly recommend this figure because it has a very nice head sculpt and the sword colours. However, the colour scheme is indeed gaudy and may not work for some people. So I’ll break it down this way: For the retooled mold itself, it is highly recommended. For the colours, it’s a give or take depending on the individual.



RID Dead End - Sword-Wielding Pose

RID Dead End – Sword-Wielding Pose

This is a nice retooled version of R.I.D. Wheeljack. Both car and robot modes work very nicely. Highly recommended for the mold, but the colours may not work for everybody.







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