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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Rumble

September 21, 2013

Rumble was one of characters that didn’t appear on the Transformers Prime show, but somehow made it in toy form for the Transformers Prime R.I.D. toyline. It is a brand new mold and.. has quite an amount of kibble. How did it turn out overall though?


Car Mode

RID Rumble - Car Mode

RID Rumble – Car Mode

Rumble comes packaged in his little blue car mode. The paint apps are downright horrible on this figure – with hardly any paint apps at all. The vehicle mode is mostly cast in the light blue colour and some dark grey for the grills, and also none of the wheel rims are painted. Windows don’t count as paint apps by the way. And, that’s it. Rather disappointing alt mode in terms of paint.

So to fix that problem, I purchased a set of beautiful stickers from and added a lot more dynamics to Rumble’s alt mode. It looks wonderful in the end! I did not apply all the stickers though as adding the last remaining stickers would’ve decorated the car hood in a way I dislike. To check out the looks of the fully-stickered Rumble figure, you can view the picture gallery here. Basically, without even going into the details of the stickers, Rumble looks very nice with the upgraded stickers in his alt mode and it is highly recommended to get the Reprolabels set, if you can afford it.

RID Rumble - Car Mode with Weapons

RID Rumble – Car Mode with Weapons

I’ll just mention anyway what improvements were made upon adding the Reprolabel stickers. Rumble gets new headlights and taillights, pink tyre rim edges, metallic design for the pegholes, a nice variety of licence plates to choose from (I used “RUMBLE”), and a very beautifully done tsunami pattern on the car doors.

In addition, you can choose to attach the robot mode guns on the pegholes where the oil tanks would be, at the sides of the car.


In short, as Rumble is on his own, he is very plain and boring in alt mode. With the stickers though, he looks beautiful!



Quite simple yet interesting and satisfactory. Judging by the promotional photos of his robot mode on the packaging, you can tell this transformation is going to be wickedly different, and to me it didn’t disappoint.


Robot Mode

RID Rumble - Robot Mode

RID Rumble – Robot Mode

First, you’ll notice that Rumble has lots of car kibble parts on his shoulders, and just a little on the back. However, he looks awesome! The car kibble helped to improve his asthetics somewhat by making him look like the type of bot that is hard to beat down.

The face sculpt is also excellent and when put under sufficient light, the head crest and eyes glow a nice bright red. Cool! The only notable difference  between the head sculpt of the Hasbro and Takara versions of Rumble, is that the Takara version head is more humanoid, has a helmet and some sunglasses. Speaking about faces, the face-like design on the chest is also quite intricate. (The back pieces are an homage to his G1 character where he stored the laser guns, so it’s nice Hasbro included that).

Posability is fair on this figure. His legs are quite well posable, but keep angling out and it’s hard to keep them straight due to the designs of the figure. The shoulders are quite hard to position at times due to the humongous car kibble parts, but it’s not impossible and his amazing looks more than make up for this issue.

RID Rumble - G1 Piledriver Pose

RID Rumble – G1 Piledriver Pose

Another plus point is he comes with his large cannons that look greatly molded, but sadly unpainted! Mounting them on the correct hands will give him the look of converting his hands into cannons. Or if you want a G1 homage, you could position him to do a piledriving earthquake-making stance. Nice!

If there’s one thing I really don’t like about this figure, it’s the yellow colour. It appears to be a cheap light-shade yellow paint and does not go that well with Rumble’s light blue colours. I would’ve much preferred the use of a dark red or dark brown colour to kind of work with the red windshield and light piping of the figure.

RID Rumble - Shooting Pose

RID Rumble – Shooting Pose

But fear not ladies and gentlemen! That is why we have Reprolabels! Adding the custom stickers  adds more blue colours to Rumble and hides most of the hideous yellow colours. The stickers also add more paint apps such as the light pink on the shoulders, some text on the chest and shouders, and some pink highlights on the legs. I only wished all the yellow would’ve been removed, and replaced with either dark pink, red or purple, to match the other colours on the figure.

So how would I rate this figure? He is fantastic. I’ll be honest, he is fun to play with and the mold is great, but the serious lack of paint apps in alt mode and odd choice of yellow paint on the robot mode knock down this figure a lot. But with the help of Reprolabel stickers, he becomes a highly recommended figure without any doubt.



Cute car mode. Awesome robot mode. On his own he ranges from “Average” to “Above Average” sadly. But highly recommended, if you can also afford to purchase the beautiful Reprolabel sticker upgrade set!



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