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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Vehicon

September 21, 2013

Ah, the mass soldiers of the Decepticon ranks were lucky to get figures of themselves in the First Edition (F.E.) and Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) toylines for the Transformers Prime TV show. Let’s check them out!


Car Mode

RID Vehicon - Car Mode

RID Vehicon – Car Mode

The car mode for the Vehicons looks very sleek and cool. The plain black colours work very well and provide a don’t-mess-around look to it. You can choose to attach the weapon on one of the 2 sides of the car too. Having one only looks weird, but with 2 guns it’ll be fantastic.

The vehicle mode is small and almost about the same size as the other R.I.D. Deluxe Class figures. But the quality of the plastic still feels alright, so you don’t have to worry about any fragility issues as of now.

I do not have the original F.E. Vehicon to compare the R.I.D. one to, because I did not like its design as much as the R.I.D. figure.



Easy transformation, and the way the hood and roof of the car fold multiple times to form the legs is very clever! Overall an easy, smart and fun transformation.


Robot Mode

RID Vehicon - Car Mode Posed

RID Vehicon – Car Mode Posed

Amazing robot mode! This is probably the best R.I.D. Deluxe Class figures to boot for the new R.I.D. toyline! The closeness to the screen model, the simple yet cool transformation, enough paint apps to compliment the figure, and a very good colour scheme all blend in well and make a masterpiece per-se.

The colours are the same as the car mode but now with additions of blue. In the show it was purple in fact, but that colour was reserved for the Jet Vehicon mode (retool of this Vehicon figure). Nevertheless, the colours do the figure justice.

This guy is extremely posable too, with all the necessary joints to pull off great poses. Just be forewarned that some poses may be impossible to due to the large shoulder guards and lack of ankle articulation.

Vehicon also comes with his one gun that looks like the one on the show. It can be held in Vehicon’s hand, or clipped onto the forearm with the hand folded away (which at times is hard to do). But when the gun is clipped in, it gives the illusion that Vehicon has a gun arm, and it is pulled off very nicely!

RID Vehicon - Shooting Pose

RID Vehicon – Shooting Pose

As far as I have seen, the F.E. Vehicon is bulkier and has more car kibble parts on him, plus the gun is a lot smaller than R.I.D. Vehicon’s. Hence why I didn’t purchase F.E. Vehicon. That being said, R.I.D. Vehicon is already superior to its predecessor.

On its own though, is R.I.D. Vehicon recommended? Absolutely and recommended to everyone, even if you do not like Transformers Prime or the easily-defeated Vehicons on the show. It is a totally new car transformer design, the transformation is simple and very clever, he is posable, he comes with a nice gun, and his colours are very nice. You needn’t ask more, well except maybe for another gun.




Sleek car mode. Awesome robot mode with tons of goodness. Highly recommended to all!



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