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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Arms Micron Voyager Class AM-12 Breakdown with M-12 Zamu

September 25, 2013

Breakdown, a character from the Transformers Prime TV show, only made it to the Japanese Takara Tomy Arms Micron toyline. On top of that, he is pretty rare and was bought so quickly when he was released! Is he that worth that hype?


Armored Vehicle Mode

AM-12 Breakdown - Armoured Vehicle Mode

AM-12 Breakdown – Armoured Vehicle Mode

Breakdown’s alt mode is an armoured vehicle, with dark blue colours that help to bring out some of the toughness in the vehicle design. Applying the stickers greatly help to improve the figure’s ashtetics.

I believe this figure should’ve have been bigger, because putting him next to Bulkhead makes him look rather small, considering the fact that in real life this armoured vehicle probably is bigger than a 4×4 truck.


In any case, this alt mode is stunning and worth the chase!



Quite straightforward, but transforming him back to vehicle mode is more difficult.


Robot Mode

AM-12 Breakdown - Robot Mode Posed

AM-12 Breakdown – Robot Mode Posed

The robot mode is nice overall. Just enough amounts of dull grey plastic, overall navy blue, and well painted head help to make this figure asthetically pleasing. Be extremely careful when applying the stickers around the knee guards as you have to apply them very accurately. Otherwise, like mine, there will be sticker bending in some places!

Posability is quite good overall with all the common joints provided. What could pose issues is the large shoulderguards and the sunk in head, which slightly hamper the shoulder and head articulation.

The figure also has almost no kibble at all. Sure, the overall figure still has some car bits jutting out such as on the arms and legs, but those are really minor compared to other figures that have been released. The backpack is also screen-accurate and adds to the tough look of the figure, so it is not a negative point.

AM-12 Breakdown - SMASH!!

AM-12 Breakdown – SMASH!!

A problem will sort of lie in the design of the arms. The hands are not in line with the upper arms, and angle outwards, and have a slight trapezium shape to them. Another unpleasant sight is the Arms Micron port right above the hands. I think if other molded in wires or engine pieces were replaced with the port, it would have made the arm look nicer.

Reverse-transforming the hand a little allows the arm to extend and reveal another port, where you could attach his Arms Micron hammer weapon to. (I’ll talk about the weapon later) The arm looks strange when transformed like that and wished there was another way to have the hammer attached, but anyways it’s a decent way of doing it. Now he has a hammer-hand!

M-12 Zamu - Rhino Mode

M-12 Zamu – Rhino Mode

The hammer weapon, M-12 Zamu, is quite close to Breakdown’s hammer in the show. The purple stickers kind of ruin the look of the hammer, but to begin with the overall dull-grey plastic colours looked didn’t look fantastic either. So I guess if you want a more screen-accurate hammer, either don’t apply the stickers, or after not applying the stickers you could paint the hammer yourself.


The hammer transforms into a small cute blocky rhino, and both modes are quite well represented. A good Arms Micron, folks!

AM-12 Breakdown is great despite his flaws, but there is an issue to address: his size. RID & AM Voyager class figures are generally downsized Voyager class figures, and Breakdown looks really small, close to the smaller Deluxe Class figures in terms of height. Placing him next to F.E. Bulkhead also points out that issue. I believe Breakdown would still look quite small when posed next to RID Bulkhead.

FE Bulkhead & Breakdown - Showdown

FE Bulkhead & Breakdown – Showdown

All in all though, despite the flaws of the arms and size of the figure, I believe this figure is great. He has a generally clean transformation with enough play value to like. On top of that, he didn’t make it to the US toyline and was very sought after because of the popularity of the same character on the show. On its own, the mold is quite good. Adding the popular character to the mold, and you get a likable figure. Hence, this figure is recommended!



Great alt mode. Small but good robot mode. Recommended to Highly Recommended!



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