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Transformer Review: Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager Class Dreadwing

September 25, 2013

Dreadwing, one of Megatron’s loyal subjects, gets released in the RID toyline. Many have complained about his alt mode and that his robot body proportions are not accurate. Are they as bad as people have claimed?


Jet Mode

Dreadwing - Jet Mode

Dreadwing – Jet Mode

Dreadwing’s alt mode is a jet, and it is quite bulky for a jet. The wingspan is nice and long, and it is fairly detailed. The dark navy blue colours with hints of yellow and a little dull grey plastic are quite a good combination for the figure. This is when you look at the figure from the top.

If you look at the figure from any other view, then you’d start to understand why many have complained about the alt mode.

Dreadwing - Large Jet Undercarriage

Dreadwing – Large Jet Undercarriage

The radiators at the front of the jet are extremely large and stick out in a very unpleasant way. The same can be said about his visible robot hands in the rear of the jet. These are serious flaws in the alt mode and I think it could have somehow been avoided.

As much as I can remember, there is no weapon storage option for the jet mode. So that’s quite a bummer.

Overall, I say this jet mode is just okay. It is obvious it is a transformer thanks to some weird parts sticking out. But the colours help to make up for that major flaw in a way.



Transformation is quite easy, but you may not get the hang of it the first time. So hang on to that instruction sheet just in case.


Robot Mode

Dreadwing - Sword Pose

Dreadwing – Sword Pose

Dreadwing’s robot mode is where the figure shines. Where the alt mode had kibble, the robot mode has hardly any kibble at all. The thruster for the jet mode even ends up being on the back of the robot mode, which is very nicely done. The robot figure is in between bulky & lean, limb proportions are good, and even the jet wings folded at the back is screen-accurate and doesn’t make a big backpack at all. Props given to the design team on this!

As you have probably noticed, Dreadwing’s body proportions seem a little off, and you’re quite right. On the show, he was a very bulky and muscular robot. Here, he is leaner aside from the huge legs. But the difference in the body sizes is not drastic and still looks great on his own.

This figure is decently posable with all the necessary joints in place. The shoulder guards are on their own individual hinges so they may look weird for some arm poses (such as pointing upwards for instance). Otherwise, the figure has enough posability to be enjoyable.

The same navy blue, grey, and yellow colours of the jet are carried forward into the robot mode. Translucent yellow plastic now appears in the forearms and help to add nice touches to the figure’s asthetics. The same translucent yellow plastic has been used on Dreadwing’s gun weapon.

Dreadwing - Close Up

Dreadwing – Robot Mode Close Up

Speaking about weapons, he comes with two of them: a sword and a spring-loaded gimmicked gun. The sword is made of dull grey plastic, but it is hard and sturdy plastic instead of the soft rubbery type. Nice! You can also store the sword on his back if you wish.

The spring-loaded gun though, is not great when non-activated. It looks like a mess of parts squished together. Activating the gun will transform it into Dreadwing’s cannon that he used in the Transformers Prime TV show. One problem though, because these RID spring-loaded weapons are not lockable like the Dark of the Moon Voyager Class MechTech weapons, you will have to keep holding onto a small trigger on the gun to keep it activated, so that it stays in cannon form. Also due to the short handle of he gun, he will only be able to hold it like a regular gun, and not upside down like in the show.

Youtube reviewer EmGo made his review on this figure as well, and what he did was use another toy piece, super-glued that piece to the gun handle, and that way he extended the handle of the gun. Also, he removed the spring in the gun and super-glued the gun barrel in place so that it will forever be in cannon mode, and that Dreadwing could now hold the gun upside down like in the show. (What I did to my figure was only remove the spring and super-glue the gun barrel.)

Dreadwing - Gun Pose 2

Dreadwing – Gun Pose 2

The overall look of the gun is very childish, since it is a toy. The overuse of the yellow plastic doesn’t give the gun any “dangerous” feel to it. In the show, I believe the colour of the gun was very dark and near navy blue or black. Undoubtedly that darker motif would’ve suited the Dreadwing figure more. But for what it is, the yellow-plastic gun is an acceptable substitute.

One problem lots of people have about the head is that it is entirely made of the soft rubber plastic, and also it is extremely tightly secured on its ball joint. Some have twisted the head too much that it broke the ball joint itself! So take caution when you pose this head. But otherwise, the paintjob is fantastic and so is the head sculpt. No light piping though the same translucent yellow plastic had been used at the back of the head for intended light piping.

He is quite nicely sized for a Voyager Class figure. Compared next to some of the recent Voyager figures like DOTM Skyhammer and Transformers Prime RID Megatron, he is approximately the same height and his added bulk makes him appear larger.

Dreadwing - Fully Armed

Dreadwing – Fully Armed

Overall, this robot mode is a winner. The gun weapon seriously required a lockable mechanism to be more enjoyable, but it is easily fixed on your own. The addition of a hard plastic sword is very welcomed too. If you are a Transformers Prime & Dreadwing fan, then by all means go out and get this figure.

This same mold had been used for Skyquake, Dreadwing’s brother. It is a direct repaint and was only available in certain countries in the globe. Colour wise, a lot of people have preferred the original Dreadwing colours. If you liked Skyquake and are a completist, then I suppose getting Skyquake would be the way to go. Otherwise, if you just want one of the 2 molds, then Dreadwing is the better choice.



Average jet mode. Great robot mode. Gun weapon could have been improved. Recommended.



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