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Welcome!  My name is Clarence Er, and in certain websites I go by the online username of Z.U.D.O.N or Zudon.

I graduated from the University of Nottingham as a Chemical Engineer.  Despite my very chemical background, I have always liked for robots for a long time.  It wasn’t about how they operate or the mechanics behind their movements, but more about the designs and asthetics of the robots.  Examples of my favourites are Gundams, Transformers and a few selected Power Rangers robots.

I am an avid transformer figures collector and have been collecting these figures as a passionate hobby since I entered university.  I started off with 4 figures and as of now have over 40 figures in total, including transformable robots that are not produced by Takara Tomy or Hasbro.  I own a few knockoff figures as well.

Apart from collecting transformers, I also have an interest in graphics designing using Adobe Photoshop software. With this, I have designed several logos, posters and banners for my university societies and classmates alike.  In addition, with this software and my transformers figures, I have made photocomics in the popular transformers website called Transformers World 2005.  A link to my comic can be found here.

I currently have a Youtube page where I upload some video reviews of transformers in my collection, but I hardly use it.  Thus, with this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on the figures I own so that they may be used as a guide for keen transformer collectors and also to share with others what collecting transformers is all about! =)  Besides that, this blog would also contain a few updates on what I am doing and what I’d like to share with you. =)

My favourite past times include reading novels and self-enriching books, collecting transformers as well as checking out Youtube reviews on transformer figures, photoshop-ing, watching anime and reading manga online,  jogging and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting this blog and I hope you’ll enjoy what you see. =)

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